Lo-Fi Art python and django consulting in portland, oregon

Hi - I'm Chris Pitzer!
I'm a developer and user experience engineer. I love building beautiful web applications, phone apps, and games.
Some of my favorite tools include React / React Native, Unity, and Bootstrap.
I do deployments on Linux VPSs, AWS, Heroku, or whatever is most appropriate for the project.
These are some of my favorite technologies, tell me about what your project needs.
Need my help?
email me!
(503) 877-3133
Urban Airship
We are helping Urban Airship develop some parts of their client facing, Django based administrative tools. We also help with backend tasks and custom frameworks.
Sasquatch Festival 2011
Sasquatch puts up a new awesome website every year. We were proud to build the 2011 site with design by Waggener Edstrom. The 2011 site let you build your own personalized festival schedule, and share it with friends. It also let you listen to the bands as you explored the site - without being interrupted.
Back before Google bought Meebo, we helped build a lot of their b2b web sites with Python web frameworks, including Django and Werkzeug. They had been working on a lot of product line enhancements and brought us in to aid in rapid design and development.
Mercy Corps
When emergencies happen, Mercy Corps has many trained responders around the world they can pull from to help. We built a Django based and highly ajax driven web app to help them build, organize, and deploy emergency teams more quickly.
EcoTrust & Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
The "Salmon & Steelhead Recovery Tracker" is a program we helped EcoTrust build for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. It distributes fishery data collected by scientists around Oregon to the public.
Chris King
We built a Django based web app manage the assembly and shipping of the bicycle parts they produce.
YouRenew is a startup that buys your old cell phones and other electronic devices. We worked with the YouRenew team on templates and javascript for their Django site.
Smash Blaster
I'm currently developing a mobile game... stay tuned for more information...